econore noise fest


Due to some technical problems with my laptop I missed to post it here-  but I was part of the Econore Noise Fest in Mönchengladbach and it was a great experience to share the stage (or more likely: the whole room), with such diverse artists. There is also a sampler of the fest, you can get a copy soon via the Econore store. Although it was crazy cold the whole time I enjoyed it a lot. I met nice people (again) and I was very satisfied with the setup and especially with the piezo based mikrophonie module, which allowed me to use the concretfloor and controlling my oscillator in a quite unique way. The rhytmic structure got intensified with the rené sequencer, making me able to programm complex patterns. Beneath this post there are a few impressions of my performance/improvisation which included a playback of “feellikedeath” in front of wallpaintings by Lars Wolter. Pictures were taken by Reinhardt Schneider, see more here. Thanks again to everyone, especially to Julian Flemming and Markus Radermacher!

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