Next week, at the Econore Noisefest, the last album in the trilogy as daszwitscherndervoegel will be released on tape – “das letzte zwitschern – the last tweet”. It was a nice journey through the years and a great platform for me to develop different approaches to music, but I’m glad as well to close the chapter and move on to release and perform under my given name. A step which – as few years back – I never thought I would take.

Speaking of that, I am delighted to inform you, that before the end of the year I will release a limited CD-R, “Verrohung” with a small collection of selected solo improvisations I’ve done this year. Of course there will be a digital release via bandcamp as well.

So, a lot is going on, but the most exciting thing I haven’t even mentioned so far. I was honored to play as part of the Conducted ImproOrchestra two nights ago at Neu West Berlin with many great musicians, conducted by Tristan Honsinger and Emilio Gordoa. The concert was part of the Improviser Summit, a cultural exchange project between Germany and Denmark, curated by Mia Dyberg. In between all those horns, strings and cymbals, led/misled by the different set of gestures by Honsinger and Gordoa we created beautiful music and I was going through quite a lot of emotions while playing. Beyond the actual concert it was nice to meet other musicians, make connections and so on. There will be some music coming for sure.

That’s it for now. Deep citation will close this.

“I’m alive, vivo muito vivo feel the sound of music
Banging in my belly
Know that one day I must die                                                                                                                And nine out of ten movie stars make me cry, I’m alive”

Caetano Veloso – “Nine out of Ten”

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