While reading this fragment of Walter Benjamin in his “Passagen Werk Band 1” in December last year again, I decided to release the material I worked on and get kind of serious. 20150423_104221What I had to show was the process of actually starting composing electroacoustic music on my own, using instruments I never worked before with, and reflecting on the process with “Philosophie der neuen Musik” and “Ästhetische Theorie” by Theodor W. Adorno, along with Benjamin and the music (and words) of Peter Brötzmann. N1a8 also became the title and the starting point for the structure and composition of a piece on “Electric Landlady”. And of course, when I write regarding Benjamin, I can not be silent about Kult des Fragments, a wonderful blog of a friend of mine, which is inspired by the Benjamin citation as well. I think I read it there for the first time.

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