from the archive (last summer sunday works)

I made some old recordings available for free (again) on bandcamp. Download, listen, chop it up – whatever. Most of the structures were developed in one day, usually on sunday, and are quite repetitive and loop oriented.

“to be seen as a document of the beginning of ‘daszwitscherndervoegel’. all audio via tube amplifier, no mix, no additional layers.
in use: boss dr. sample sp-202, akai headrush e1, rhodes piano mark 1, boss rc-20xl, vinyl”

the work has been documented:

das zwitschern der vögel: “rec. 16.08.14, geburtslied. boss dr. sample sp-202 & akai headrush e1 were used on a tubeamp. recorded with a zoom h2 recorder in a room. one take. lyrics: ‘das zwitschern der vögel. – ist es nicht wunderschön, papa?'”

zerstörte musik wie die weißen männer: “some layers of chords played at the rhodes looped with two samples from vinyl. first one of sonore (peter brötzmann, mats gustafsson and ken vandermark) at cafe oto/london, the second one of MF DOOM’s collaboration with jneiro jarel (JJ Doom)- guv’nor (the title [‘destroyed music like the white men’] is actually a reference to a line in this track). at the end it all dissolves in the first chord with which I started creating the layers before recording.”

der lauch: “rhodes piano mk 1 looped via boss rc 20xl phrase recorder, manipulation via akai headrush e 1 plus additional loop. another Sunday works, after migraine and a month in general full of disease.”

ich hör’ ja so gern’ jazz: “Sunday works- I took two samples of Duke Ellingtons ‘the far east suite’ LP. the first one from ‘isfahan’, the second from ‘bluebird in delhi’. also a sample of some fm noise I did years ago and another sample of the Sonore LP as in ‘zerstörte musik wie die weißen männer’. akai headrush, boss rc- 20xl and boss sp-202 were used.”

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