I just came back from my vacation in Poland. The two concerts I played at MÓZG in Bydgoszcz and at LAS in Poznań with Del_F64.0 (cheers) were quite different. Both where improvised (with the patches done before, of course) – due to the lack of easy transportation, I just had my modularsynth and two drumsticks with me – the first patch consisted mainly of high frequencies, very aprupt and constantly breaking, collapsing you can even say. With the sticks I played on the briefcase, in which my synth is embedded and on a table (at LAS I played on the floor again, so I used the sound of it too). For LAS I created a sine wave based, more droning patch, which was partly irritated with layers of static noise, created with the lovely René cartesian sequencer of Make Noise. Apart from the concerts and some private issues, I had a nice time travelling in Poland, getting to know new people and meeting old friends. Thanks again for the people who attended the concerts and the ones who where organizing them! Especially Slaweck Janicki of MÓZG – “our story is not ending here”.


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