video trugschluss #sechs/ausflug

a video of my structured improvisation/performance at trugschluss/kratz earlier this year is now online. the audio will be on the new release on econore (covers are in print by the way and the tapes are all recorded), so you can get an impression. Adrian Schmidt filmed and recorded it, plus he made a whole documentary about the project trugschluss. the page is interactive, you can click on the map and discover several aspects of the work and concerts, that were organized by trugschluss in this small small town marburg. I’m glad to have such a nice video of a concert of mine, so a big “thank you” to Adrian and the people of trugschluss of course! you can find the video when you click on the birds on the map. by the way: it got a bit quiet around my music, I’m still struggling with some private/personal issues (mentioned in the last post), but there are some new ideas for new music, which slowly evolve. but for now: or directly to the video: (thanks Nina-Ann).

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