ästhetische Erfahrung 1)

I visited Berlin after some time again and went quite straight to a suberb concert of Richard Scott at Spektrum, which was the releaseshow of his new album “several circles” (highly recommended, out on CUSP). He’s one of those rare modularsynth players where you can actually hear and see the approach of playing with it like the instrument it is – using it to push music, sound and structure forward – beyond limitations. He works in the fields of improvisation and composition as well, collaborating with great musicans like Evan Parker (here are two excerpts).

ästhetische Erfahrung 2)

On the friday before I left I met Daniel Voigt (he also runs sicsictapes) at a concert he played in Marburg – we had a very pleasant evening/night and he told me about Marignal Consort, an improvisation collective from Japan, consisting of the four fluxus affiliated musicians Kazuo Imai, Tomonao Koshikawa, Kei Shii and Masami Tada. I wasn’t aware of them or their work, but after some research there was no doubt that I needed to see their first concert in Germany, which was supposed to last three hours straight and took place at Elisabethkirche. Here you can get an impression of their work in sound and video, for more words read this interview. The acoustic in the former church was overwhelming, with the four improvisers standing in each corner and the audience all across the room, moving around or just sitting and listening. I stayed the whole three hours – getting different impressions of the acoustic and of course coming to the limits of my concentration. After the concert I had troubles finding back to words and thinking outside of sounds.




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