Well, as the sun sets earlier and earlier it’s time to write more. Maybe. Since my computer is broken for over half a year now, digital communication “and so on” (Žižek) is quite slow. Writing blogentries on a smartphone is not really appealing – and circumstances you all probably know forced me to go deeper into labour, so this is another point. Nonetheless I’ve recorded quite a lot of material over the past months and friends of mine finished some of my modules (troubleshooting etc.) – so my modular got a bit of an extension. Oh, and I played at a Poolparty with Günther Schlienz, organized by the kind Daniel Voigt – which was an unfogettable experience, no pictures where taken (luckily). Enough chitchat: Already at the beginning of the year it was quite clear to me that my project daszwitscherndervoegel is coming to an end. So some of the material I recorded will be released as the third and final tape – of course by the nice guys Julian Flemming and Markus Rademacher at Econore again! And still the stream of news isn’t about to end: I’ll be moving to Berlin at the end of next week with the ambition to work more on my improvisational experience, in the first place with other musicians, from electronic to acoustic instruments. So I’m very excited to move there again, meet some good friends, discuss, attending concerts, meeting new people – “and so on”. Oh, and food of course- “Mm… Food” (MF DOOM).

Oh, and here’s a nice picture my comrade and friend Raphael Kohl took this summer, in my room, working.




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