So, good news: I could afford a used notebook, now cutting and editing (mostly just cutting) the material of the past months. The upcoming and last tape as daszwitscherndervoegel for Econore is almost done. As a small special I put up a track I recorded in Summer, the artist is absent . present in five interruptions. It’s for Oscillators, Filter, Spring Reverb, Delay and in one of the interruptions, samples of the Chiapaneca LP (bocianrecords) by Paal Nilssen-Love (I own nothing but this beautiful LP and a lot of respect for Paals work) are used. Due to upload restrictions on bandcamp the piece is uploaded in 2 parts. A taste of the drones I still worship. The upcoming last tape as daszwitscherndervoegel will contain some more drone based works but improvisations focused on other aspects of free music as well.


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