I was asked by Felix Riedel , a friend of mine who I got to know in Marburg on various occasions – through workshops, lectures, “psychotronische lounge” and so on, to do an interview for a weekly leftist print and online newspaper. I said yes and so we met in December (I’m dared to say: last Christmas) near Marburg in his home. After meeting his family we talked a couple of hours, along with some fine green tea. My first interview couldn’t have been more comfortable. Now the cooked down version is online, a lot of context missing (but 10.000 characters isn’t that much of course) – and the credits for the picture of me too. Raphael Kohl is the name of the photographer. Anyways, I’m glad I had the opportunity to speak about my music, some thoughts behind and around it and affiliations considering genres etc. German only – if you want to know more considering the content: Feel free to contact me.


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